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So my brothers HD went kaput with a lightning strike so I lost some work on easyGM (not a lot). It was mostly structural/reorginization, but its still a set back. I'm rolling this project back to pre alpha and releasing a very limited sample of the program.

also many thanks to Logo

What is This Thing?

It's a Role Playing Game Thingy

easyGM is for people who play games such as Dungeons and Dragons and other pen and pencil games. It can also be used for just about anything where a virtual table populated with virtual objects/tools would be useful. It contains the basic tools for games such as dice, cards, and percentage bars (a full list will be compiled here), and is easy to use, hence the name.


easyGM should run on any OS. It requires flash player installed in your browser (which we test for on our download page). It is compatible with practically any game. And, lastly, it's open source. Here are some pretty symbols that say the same thing:

Feature List

when I get to it I'll meticusly list all the tools.