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Finally put up some code and stuff into the SVN repository check it out from there: easyGM SVN

also many thanks to Logo

Welcome to DARP

That's Digitaly Assisted Role Play. EasyGM aims to be the leading application in this area, and best of all it will be open source. It will feature a core set of objects and expanability through simple modules. Its object based design will make it quick to edit and manipulate data during a live game. It will even deploy easily on a server for a multiplayer experience. easyGM will be part of any serious gamers toolkit and a fun tool that enhances many games. (For more easyGM info vist the about page. For information about future releases view our roadmap)

Version: 0.06 Pre-Alpha

EasyGM is in it's infancy. It had more features developed than it does now but a HD failure took me back a bit. In redeveloping some of easyGM I am going to work on adding the server deployment functionality into the core and refine the external object model (allowing easy skinning and editing of components). !!This Version is not intended for use, rather evaluation/demonstration!! wait for the Alpha.
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Assistance Required

This project is written in actionscript and deployed in flash (swf) format so I realize not everyone can help on that front. If you think/know you can and have the tools than you are invited to. You can read the roadmap and the specs, or you can just look at the code (fla/as format). I also will need someone to convert some documents (SRD) into docbook xml format if I can't find time myself.